All you need to do is to type in the content, insert images and attachments with only a few clicks. EdrawMind, as a professional mind map maker, is getting more and more popular for its following features. Mind mapping for goals is similar to creating mind maps for anything else. The first step is to succinctly describe your goal and write it down in the center of your page. Then identify all the component parts that go into achieving that goal.

definition of mind-map

These so-called branches of a mind map are the different levels that interconnect one thought or idea to another. Mind map utilizes concepts and ideas from brainstorming and suggestions. Add a central topic, and interlink each concept with the use of diagrams, lines, and vectors.

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One simple way to understand a Mind Map is by comparing it to a map of a city. Special images or shapes can represent landmarks of interest or particularly relevant ideas. mind-map They have a natural organizational structure that radiates from the center and use lines, symbols, words, color and images according to simple, brain-friendly concepts.

It allows you to visually structure your ideas to help with analysis and recall. Connector lines usually contains keywords or phrases that summarize the relationship between the topics they connect. In the case of our essay on Benjamin Franklin, the main subtopics that you should chart out are the main branches that explain his life. More detail into these initial branches will be included as we continue to add branches.

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CREATE THIS MIND MAP TEMPLATEThis brainstorming mind map template uses bullet points within its secondary nodes to further explain possible courses of action. Explain key findings to the rest of the exec team with this creative brainstorming mind map. The icons are a fresh visual way to explain new concepts at a glance. While mind mapping does not entail the concept of proposition.

Let’s look at some key mind map examples for personal, business and educational use. Engineers and designers typically employ the design process to carry forward their enriching ideas by examining the product. In advance of learning about the intended field, designing is a respectable skill. The design approach primarily focuses on problem-solving and abstracts concepts from situations encountered in real life. Sub-topics, associations, or connections are interconnected using lines, linear diagrams, or curved lines. Sub-topics or associations are written in a single keyword or a short statement.

When Is a Mind Map Useful?

Any concept can be mapped and there are many forms each map can take. Most mind maps have the main topic located centrally with different categories branching out radially, but they don’t necessarily need to follow this structure. For example, some mind maps might look more like a tree, with the primary concept at the bottom and each category branching upward. Other mind maps might look more like one side of a competition bracket, with each level of categories branching horizontally out from the primary concept.

  • Using annotations or different colored pens when creating your mind map can also be a helpful way to indicate urgency or to set your different categories apart.
  • Mind maps are helpful because they are very intuitive and they structure themselves to a certain extent.
  • You will discover some astonishing facts about your brain and its function, and you will take the first major steps on the path to freedom of the mind.
  • For instance, you can check the major preparations for a wedding for different time durations.

Brainstorming and IdeationIt doesn’t matter if you want to brainstorm ideas on your own or with a group; you can easily do it with mind maps to achieve your goals. Training and moreThese days, mind maps are also extensively used by trainers to educate dedicated topics to their audience. Ideally, you can create a mind map for any process and explain to your audience how to undertake it. Education and TeachingThis is one of the most popular applications of mind maps as they are extremely diverse and can cover any topic. If you want to teach a new concept to your audience or make the entire process of learning interesting, then you should consider using mind maps.

A Quick History of Mind Maps

Connections include a higher level topic, and potentially the same level topics, or lower-level topics. The main application of concept mapping is knowledge representation. Once you have identifying the main subjects within your topic, add more shapes until you run out of valuable information.

definition of mind-map

Some of them look messy — but look deeper and you’ll see they are examples of detailed trains of thought. If you’re not sure where to start your mind map, ask yourself what the main questions you want to answer are. A mind map is a type of chart that organizes information visually. Add your brand colors to the mind map with a single click using My Brand Kit. You could also use a different font to emphasize keywords. Be sure to choose fonts that reflects the theme and style of your mind map.

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Are the types of relationships between topics similar and straightforward? And you can attach or detaching topics with just a drag-and-drop. Researchers found concept webbing is beneficial to identify research gaps . But to best achieve it, you need help from data analytic tools.

He can also make adjustments to the map as the team meets the challenges of working in a dynamic environment and adapting to changes. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of how Brian could use mind maps to help him in his role as a software developer. Mind maps are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Let’s say Brian’s software project has the code name Galaxy. Here’s an example of how a mind map could be used by the team to organize one small part of the project, the team meetings.

Why do we have to make mind map branches curved?

CREATE THIS MIND MAP TEMPLATEYou can also add mind maps to your employee onboarding manual or employee handbook. CREATE THIS MIND MAP TEMPLATEThis bubble diagram uses three quadrants to explore three marketing strategies. It’s easy to read; each of the nodes are color coordinated to the main point to help with comprehension. You can also generate new ideas based on existing points and add them as branches . But since many people think better visually, using maps and diagrams can better show how ideas relate to each other. The success of your business relies on good ideas, cautions McKinsey.

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